Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Bob Basu has performed over 16,000 cosmetic procedures. He advocates for his patients as a national leader in cosmetic surgery and patient safety and currently serves as the Board Vice President (Finance) of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

He recently published Cosmetic Breast Surgery, a new textbook on contemporary aesthetic breast surgical techniques including the "Internal Bra" procedure.

Dr. Basu likes to say he “became a Texan as soon as I could,” and fell in love with Houston while completing his plastic surgery fellowship at Baylor College of Medicine in the Texas Medical Center. He enjoys the cultural diversity and the sense of community that Houston embodies. But what he loves most is the people, who are always warm, friendly, and hospitable.

Hospitality is very important to Dr. Basu, and it is a cornerstone of the Basu Aesthetics + Plastic Surgery’s patient care philosophy.

Dr. Bob Basu has hosted nine Episodes.