How Charisse Lost 192 Lbs & Got Epic Body Lift Results


December 22nd, 2021

17 mins 44 secs

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After a lifetime trapped in her body, Charisse changed her relationship with food and lost 192 pounds. Left with painful loose skin, she researched plastic surgeons with body lift experience in Houston and reached out to Dr. Basu for help. Over 300 pounds at her heaviest, Charisse recalls the moment on a cruise ship that pushed her to change her life. As her body grew smaller, the extra skin became an uncomfortable daily reminder of the person she left behind.

With Dr. Basu’s help, Charisse planned a body transformation in three stages, beginning with a circumferential body lift, fat transfer, and arm lift. Eighteen months later, she underwent a breast lift and back lift, and is now preparing for a thigh lift for the third and final stage of her transformation. Today Charisse is a self-described “gym rat” who dances competitively and refuses to believe there is an age limit on investing in confidence.


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